Security Surveillance

We are proud to be involved with the exciting world of security surveillance.   For many years now, REM Network Services have been providing products and services that include facilities security products designed for functionality and reliability. With the ever present threat of fire, vandalism, and theft, a company needs a partner who can help them secure their facilities and offer insight into the latest technologies available today.

With cameras, video recording devices, and playback equipment, a company can add another level of safety and security for their employees and customers. Incident verification can be invaluable for insurance claims, workers compensation injuries, crime reporting, and fire forensics. Everyone is well aware of the fact that a security service is slow and unreliable when reporting an incident to the police. With today’s technology your security team can be instantly notified of a security breach and can “log in” and watch your facilities from anywhere in the world. This type of incident verification will speed police and fire response by at least 600%.

We are also very proud to provide configuration services for Panasonic and Milestone Systems products, although we can provide design and project management services for projects that do not necessarily utilize those manufacturers products.

REM Networked Security provides the following Security Surveillance offerings;

  • Design
  • Product and Licensing Sales
  • Installation Logistics
  • Project Management
  • Configuration
  • Camera Postitioning and FOV (Field of View) Configuration
  • Ongoing Contract Support Services

Here are the basic steps involved with a typical Security Surveilance (SS) project;

  1. Provide a remote or onsite pre-sales meeting in order to help you better understand some of the design and logistical considerations involved with a SS project.
  2. Compile a summary of desired recording, camera, and ancillary equipment for the SS project.
  3. Provide a budgetary spreadsheet.
  4. Make any necessary adjustments of the spreadsheet based on feedback.
  5.  Once the budget has been accepted, a contract is provided to enagage REM Network Services for the project.
  6. Once the contract is accepted, REM Network Services will work with you to understand the surveillance parameters, such as types of recording, length, level of sensitivity, image quality, and length of recording, etc.
  7. In order to get the equipment and licensing ordered, we can quote some or all of the project deliverables or we will work with other suppliers, contractors, and or integrators in order to ensure a successful project.
  8. We then facilitate the purchase of the equipment and any necessary services, such as cabling and camera installation.
  9. We work with local contractors to facilitate the installation of the cabling and cameras.
  10. We install the software and configure based on the customer requirements.